Author: Carolyn Caldwell

Becoming a children’s book illustrator

Almost every child has a heart – a favorite book that he/she read before going to bed, with a funny story and equally amusing and colorful illustrations of talking animals and plants. In many ways, illustrations make history even more fascinating.

Working as a children’s brochure is one of the most enjoyable works in the creative industry. Your illustrations lead to the fact that the story and characters come to life also for the child, the story is much easier to remember because of the drawings.

What does it mean to be a book brochure for children

It is expected that the text art for children, like most illustrators, will create drawings that will revitalize history. But, while other illustrators paint for digital and new media platforms, the illustrator of children’s books works mainly for print media.

Unlike the comics, which needs to provide an appropriate image of each separate scene of history, the illustrator of the children’s book needs only to select certain moments in the history where an accompanying illustration is required.

However, your illustrations should take into account the mood of the plot and the character traits of the characters that will make them fall into the minds of your young readers. Your drawings should be bright, fun, light, positive and, most importantly, suitable for their age.

The beginning of a career in children’s painting

If you want to be children’s paints, you need to possess not only skills and talents but also passion and sincere interest in children’s stories. Most of the collections of stories tell of bizarre stories and animated characters – talking plants and animals, superheroes and aliens, moving objects, fairies, and elves. You should have enough creativity and enthusiasm to bring such characters to life on paper.

Create a solid portfolio

Most independent projects, in other cases, even pro-bonuses. These are simple steps for creating your portfolio, getting contacts and expanding the network.

When you build your portfolio, it is best to develop an individual style that is unique to you. This will make your work stand out in the market and create your niche as children’s drawings. Show action scenes, settings, scenery and sequential illustrations of characters.

Search publishers

Most of them have contractual or project agreements with publishers. If you want to actively search for projects, a good step is to attend conferences where authors and illustrators create ideas. As a rule, you send your portfolio to the publisher and art director, who then compares you to the author and the project.


Work on illustrations for the children’s collection of stories does not support the schedule “according to your desire.” It requires working on projects and providing a series of statements. Hence it also means working with deadlines.

For example, you may first be asked to submit a storyboard or a sketch of the key moments in the story that need illustrations. Then you will be asked to provide sketches of the character’s model. Often you will have to draw black and white versions of scenes before color versions are made. All these stages of the design and drawing process must be performed for a certain period. Keeping in due time guarantees that the progress of the book will be executed by the schedule.



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How to become an illustrator

According to the type of illustration, one wants to specialize in. Many opportunities are waiting for illustrators to try out. If you are talented and interested in drawing, then it would not be difficult for you to learn how to become a successful illustrator. An illustrator is highly demanded in medical, fashion designing, technical designing, and publishing industries since they can provide them with accurate drawings and images that complement the contents provided. It is an interesting field where you can blend your drawing skills with the available technologies to include animations, special effects, colors, shadows and lights to your illustration.

Since children are more attracted to colorful cartoons rather than reading the whole contents in a book, cartoon illustrations are largely used in children’s magazines and books. Similarly, you can create images and diagrams for complementing any piece of medical writing, fashion design articles, and technical documents with simple and accurate illustrations. More and more people are looking for self-publication owing to the need for pre-publication and marketing efforts by the authors itself.

The fast pace of today’s life hardly has the time for reading a book with patience. Here is where the importance of illustration plays the role. Illustrations are being highly demanded these days owing to its powerful effect of capturing the attention of people even before they can read the contents. Both the advertising and publishing industry is now appreciating the work of illustrators that can offer them with more opportunities in marketing their ideas and conveying their messages instantly to the right, targeted audience.

That is why authors are today hiring professional illustrators who can complement their articles or writings with accurate illustrations to increase its influence and attention. Moreover, illustrations can easily get absorbed by the common audience when they are included in the form of promotional materials for the market exposure of a new product or service. If the illustration is attractive enough to turn a few heads to it, it is the success of the company that makes use of the illustration for advertising their products.

If you have a book to be published or if you are looking for a dynamic illustrator to advertise your business, then it is not that hard to get an illustrator today. More and more people skilled at drawing are now choosing the field of illustration for their career accomplishment. You can specialize in your niche so that you can enhance your skill as a professional illustrator. You can search for illustrator online or talk to an agent or publisher. You can get a long list of freelance illustrators online capable of working by the mail and providing you with a sample of their work.

You can meet and discuss your ideas if you can pick out an illustrator of your locality through a local online listing. If you are looking for a famous illustrator, they may be priced more. They can only be contacted through agents or publishers. You can also approach talented art students capable of working for your project. The price of hiring an illustrator can depend on the kind of illustration.




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Learning to be an illustrator

Students or beginners spend their time learning Adobe Illustrator by attending classroom classes or online resources. Here we will discuss new skills in this software using Adobe Illustrator. As a guide for independent and comfortable learning on the fly. The following detailed information will help you familiarize yourself with some basic instructions and helpful tips on the design process.

Check software version:

The designer should be able to identify the software version that they installed on the computer. To do this, take a simple step by clicking “Help” in the main menu, and then move the cursor to the Adobe Illustrator option. A window will appear showing the version number. Below diagrams will explain to you in more detail about different versions of Adobe Illustrator:

Version 11 = Illustrator CS

Version 12 = Illustrator CS2

Version 13 = Illustrator CS3

Version 14 = Illustrator CS4

Version 15 = Illustrator CS5

The above versions evolve, so it is possible that some textbooks will become obsolete. Tools and features have changed as new versions are released in a certain amount of time. This means that older Adobe Illustrator manuals can refer to older methods and tools, and the user will be able to learn about new tool concepts.

For correct output, developers are encouraged to go to the latest Illustrator How To guides that correspond to their software versions. Obviously, the latest software versions describe new tools and functions that are not available for older versions.

Avoid Temporary Masters

Some free tutorials or tutorials in this software are also available on the Internet; they often have to be scammers. So do not waste time reading these fraud guides, leaving most of the key information about the product. They either offer premium services or training. This free guide describes all the necessary steps and procedures, otherwise, it will not be free. Not every skill comes in a separate Adobe Illustrator. How to lead. A carefully documented procedure will often contain useful information for Illustrator users.

The Internet has simplified our work. A few years ago we never thought that we could conduct an educational course sitting at home. For example, to become an illustrator has never been so easy. However, now you can find expert illustrators who have studied illustrations through Internet sites. This article will list some useful sites and resources for becoming an illustrator. This site offers training and tutorials in a user-friendly form. It provides a large number of videos for the illustrator. The video allows users to learn about the course information. Also, each course falls into different thematic categories, such as design, web, video2brain, 3D + animation, audio + music, CAD, photography, and others.

Vectips: one of the best resources for studying vector graphics and Adobe Illustrator is Vectips. It is designed exclusively by iStockPhoto. This site offers useful tips and tricks, in addition to offering training, as well as an inspirational and interesting interview.

Deviant Art: The online site has a huge range of illustrative tutorials that are downloaded by various artists around the world. This allows students to learn the same things in different ways. In addition to new students, this site is useful for existing illustrators to enhance their skills.

Ai Vault: this site contains training tools based on various methods, tips and tricks, and there is also a store tab on the site. The user can buy a clip, digital stamps, custom illustrations and stickers on the wall. In Ai Vault, users can view vectors, free brushes, resources for photos and much more.

Take the time to view each detailed information in Adobe Illustrator. How to behave with an open mind and understand the best information from it for every possible design. Such handbooks save money by adding new skills.


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Questions an illustrator should ask a client


In today’s modern world illustrations are made with the assistance of various computer software applications. They can either be two dimensional or three-dimensional illustrations. However, the question arises that why illustration are created or needed? Well, this article answers the question about why illustrations are needed.

Convey the message – if you want to express an idea which is otherwise difficult to explain or takes a lot of time to describe, illustrations are used. The brain of the human functions in such a way that they tend to grasps visual representation much more quickly than verbal or written information. In addition to this, it also helps to convey the message to those who have a hearing disability.

Education – illustrations are used in education from the very beginning of human’s life. A child begins to understand the world around them with the help of illustrations. Not only it will educate children but, it can also help them develop their imagination. This is the reason why there are illustrated books for children. A good illustration book can create big impact on the child’s future. However, illustration is not only limited to educating children, but they are also used to teach people of all age group about complicated mechanical, engineering, scientific and many more concepts.

Advertisement – if you are a business, advertising plays a very important role of promoting your product. However, not all people will remember your brand neither do they have any time to watch your commercials. In such cases, an illustrated advertisement plays a crucial role. As mentioned earlier, people tend grasps visual representation quickly, and it stays in their memory for a long time. So when they are out in a supermarket looking for some utility, they can quickly identify the illustrated advertised brand.

Illustration can be broken down into several sub categories. For example, there are training in visual communication, general illustration graphic design, fine art, and animation all of which involve illustrative techniques at some level.

Representations can likewise help organizations or organizations to publicize on the web. In the present current world, individuals nearly spend in any event half of their day on the web, and an outlined promotion on such medium can turn out to be exceptionally advantageous to any organization. Notwithstanding of other web promoting strategies, for example, recordings and photos, represented publicizing is significantly more compelling and effective. Give us a chance to see a portion of the benefits of outline over other publicizing strategies:

– Illustration can load quickly on web page when compared to photograph or video clip.

– Illustrated advertising are cost effective compared to video advertising.

– Illustration can elucidate or clarify and describe more information than a camera photograph.

– Illustration can easily be modified or customised.

When commissioning an illustration service the aim should always be to integrate your copyright owned illustrations into a your marketing campaigns and make them earn their keep (return on investment).

Those marketing campaigns can be on the web or in print as long as the illustration service you have commissioned creates designs that are adaptable for both mediums. Really for a business the best type of illustration is a vector illustration because this provides the business owner with a commercial illustration which is completely flexible.

Any aspect of a vector illustration can be easily changed after completion at any point in the future and vector illustrations are fully scalable to any dimension (business card or billboard for instance) without loss of quality of the image.

You could use a custom designed illustration in stationery, your website, flyers, brochures, postcards, exhibition display and much much more.


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Hiring an illustrator

Hiring a competent illustrator can be challenging mainly because there are many professional illustrators. Getting the most ideal illustrator from the many available requires careful selection. You will need to get the illustrator who will be able to create exactly what you need. You can get such an illustrator through knowing the questions you should ask the illustrator. Here are some helpful questions you should ask when you want to hire an illustrator.

Level of Education

The top illustrators are usually highly trained on how to produce quality work. Most of them have degrees in illustration or other related fields such as graphic design. You should ask the illustrator how well he or she is trained. To confirm the level of education you can consult the particular institution which the illustrator went to. This is because the institutions usually have lists of the graduates. By hiring a well trained illustrator you will be almost guaranteed of getting quality work.


It is also helpful to ask the illustrator how flexible he or she is. The right illustrator should not have a very tight schedule where he or she will take a lot of time to complete your work. Most of the illustrators work as freelancers and as a result they might have a lot of clients. If a particular illustrator has a lot of clients it will take a lot of time to complete your work. The illustrator might also rush your work and this might compromise on quality. Consequently, you should ask the illustrator whether he or she has ample time to complete the work without hurrying.


Majority of the competent illustrators are also very experienced. In fact, just like in most arts illustrators also need to be talented besides being trained. The more experienced illustrators are more likely to know more about the tactics to use so as to produce quality work. By hiring a more experienced illustrator you will also get a chance to see the past work of the illustrator. This will give you insight on the kind of work that the illustrator produces.

The Tools Used

Illustrators usually work from studios where they use certain tools in their work. As a result, you should ask the illustrator the kind of studio he or she works from and also tools he or she uses. A studio that is properly equipped is more likely to produce better work. If it is possible you should make a point of inspecting the studio physically. This will let you know the kind of tools that the illustrator usually uses and as a result you will know the kind of work you are likely to get.

The Charges

It is also important to consider the cost while deciding on the illustrator to hire. The more established illustrators usually charge higher fees mainly because their services are usually in high demand. But you can still find good illustrators who will charge reasonable fees. You should negotiate the fee prior to the work starting. You can even compare a number of illustrators so as to identify the ones charging the fairest prices. But it is not advisable to compromise on quality because of price. It is better to hire an illustrator that is charging higher prices but is able to produce quality work. Therefore, by asking the outlined questions you can be able to identify and hire a competent illustrator.


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Intro to Illustration

There are many different ways for illustrations to be made by hand and on your computer.  Alison Woodward uses ink and watercolor to make her imagination come to life and she has some great tips for how to use them well.