Almost every child has a heart – a favorite book that he/she read before going to bed, with a funny story and equally amusing and colorful illustrations of talking animals and plants. In many ways, illustrations make history even more fascinating.

Working as a children’s brochure is one of the most enjoyable works in the creative industry. Your illustrations lead to the fact that the story and characters come to life also for the child, the story is much easier to remember because of the drawings.

What does it mean to be a book brochure for children

It is expected that the text art for children, like most illustrators, will create drawings that will revitalize history. But, while other illustrators paint for digital and new media platforms, the illustrator of children’s books works mainly for print media.

Unlike the comics, which needs to provide an appropriate image of each separate scene of history, the illustrator of the children’s book needs only to select certain moments in the history where an accompanying illustration is required.

However, your illustrations should take into account the mood of the plot and the character traits of the characters that will make them fall into the minds of your young readers. Your drawings should be bright, fun, light, positive and, most importantly, suitable for their age.

The beginning of a career in children’s painting

If you want to be children’s paints, you need to possess not only skills and talents but also passion and sincere interest in children’s stories. Most of the collections of stories tell of bizarre stories and animated characters – talking plants and animals, superheroes and aliens, moving objects, fairies, and elves. You should have enough creativity and enthusiasm to bring such characters to life on paper.

Create a solid portfolio

Most independent projects, in other cases, even pro-bonuses. These are simple steps for creating your portfolio, getting contacts and expanding the network.

When you build your portfolio, it is best to develop an individual style that is unique to you. This will make your work stand out in the market and create your niche as children’s drawings. Show action scenes, settings, scenery and sequential illustrations of characters.

Search publishers

Most of them have contractual or project agreements with publishers. If you want to actively search for projects, a good step is to attend conferences where authors and illustrators create ideas. As a rule, you send your portfolio to the publisher and art director, who then compares you to the author and the project.


Work on illustrations for the children’s collection of stories does not support the schedule “according to your desire.” It requires working on projects and providing a series of statements. Hence it also means working with deadlines.

For example, you may first be asked to submit a storyboard or a sketch of the key moments in the story that need illustrations. Then you will be asked to provide sketches of the character’s model. Often you will have to draw black and white versions of scenes before color versions are made. All these stages of the design and drawing process must be performed for a certain period. Keeping in due time guarantees that the progress of the book will be executed by the schedule.



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