Hiring a competent illustrator can be challenging mainly because there are many professional illustrators. Getting the most ideal illustrator from the many available requires careful selection. You will need to get the illustrator who will be able to create exactly what you need. You can get such an illustrator through knowing the questions you should ask the illustrator. Here are some helpful questions you should ask when you want to hire an illustrator.

Level of Education

The top illustrators are usually highly trained on how to produce quality work. Most of them have degrees in illustration or other related fields such as graphic design. You should ask the illustrator how well he or she is trained. To confirm the level of education you can consult the particular institution which the illustrator went to. This is because the institutions usually have lists of the graduates. By hiring a well trained illustrator you will be almost guaranteed of getting quality work.


It is also helpful to ask the illustrator how flexible he or she is. The right illustrator should not have a very tight schedule where he or she will take a lot of time to complete your work. Most of the illustrators work as freelancers and as a result they might have a lot of clients. If a particular illustrator has a lot of clients it will take a lot of time to complete your work. The illustrator might also rush your work and this might compromise on quality. Consequently, you should ask the illustrator whether he or she has ample time to complete the work without hurrying.


Majority of the competent illustrators are also very experienced. In fact, just like in most arts illustrators also need to be talented besides being trained. The more experienced illustrators are more likely to know more about the tactics to use so as to produce quality work. By hiring a more experienced illustrator you will also get a chance to see the past work of the illustrator. This will give you insight on the kind of work that the illustrator produces.

The Tools Used

Illustrators usually work from studios where they use certain tools in their work. As a result, you should ask the illustrator the kind of studio he or she works from and also tools he or she uses. A studio that is properly equipped is more likely to produce better work. If it is possible you should make a point of inspecting the studio physically. This will let you know the kind of tools that the illustrator usually uses and as a result you will know the kind of work you are likely to get.

The Charges

It is also important to consider the cost while deciding on the illustrator to hire. The more established illustrators usually charge higher fees mainly because their services are usually in high demand. But you can still find good illustrators who will charge reasonable fees. You should negotiate the fee prior to the work starting. You can even compare a number of illustrators so as to identify the ones charging the fairest prices. But it is not advisable to compromise on quality because of price. It is better to hire an illustrator that is charging higher prices but is able to produce quality work. Therefore, by asking the outlined questions you can be able to identify and hire a competent illustrator.


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