Students or beginners spend their time learning Adobe Illustrator by attending classroom classes or online resources. Here we will discuss new skills in this software using Adobe Illustrator. As a guide for independent and comfortable learning on the fly. The following detailed information will help you familiarize yourself with some basic instructions and helpful tips on the design process.

Check software version:

The designer should be able to identify the software version that they installed on the computer. To do this, take a simple step by clicking “Help” in the main menu, and then move the cursor to the Adobe Illustrator option. A window will appear showing the version number. Below diagrams will explain to you in more detail about different versions of Adobe Illustrator:

Version 11 = Illustrator CS

Version 12 = Illustrator CS2

Version 13 = Illustrator CS3

Version 14 = Illustrator CS4

Version 15 = Illustrator CS5

The above versions evolve, so it is possible that some textbooks will become obsolete. Tools and features have changed as new versions are released in a certain amount of time. This means that older Adobe Illustrator manuals can refer to older methods and tools, and the user will be able to learn about new tool concepts.

For correct output, developers are encouraged to go to the latest Illustrator How To guides that correspond to their software versions. Obviously, the latest software versions describe new tools and functions that are not available for older versions.

Avoid Temporary Masters

Some free tutorials or tutorials in this software are also available on the Internet; they often have to be scammers. So do not waste time reading these fraud guides, leaving most of the key information about the product. They either offer premium services or training. This free guide describes all the necessary steps and procedures, otherwise, it will not be free. Not every skill comes in a separate Adobe Illustrator. How to lead. A carefully documented procedure will often contain useful information for Illustrator users.

The Internet has simplified our work. A few years ago we never thought that we could conduct an educational course sitting at home. For example, to become an illustrator has never been so easy. However, now you can find expert illustrators who have studied illustrations through Internet sites. This article will list some useful sites and resources for becoming an illustrator. This site offers training and tutorials in a user-friendly form. It provides a large number of videos for the illustrator. The video allows users to learn about the course information. Also, each course falls into different thematic categories, such as design, web, video2brain, 3D + animation, audio + music, CAD, photography, and others.

Vectips: one of the best resources for studying vector graphics and Adobe Illustrator is Vectips. It is designed exclusively by iStockPhoto. This site offers useful tips and tricks, in addition to offering training, as well as an inspirational and interesting interview.

Deviant Art: The online site has a huge range of illustrative tutorials that are downloaded by various artists around the world. This allows students to learn the same things in different ways. In addition to new students, this site is useful for existing illustrators to enhance their skills.

Ai Vault: this site contains training tools based on various methods, tips and tricks, and there is also a store tab on the site. The user can buy a clip, digital stamps, custom illustrations and stickers on the wall. In Ai Vault, users can view vectors, free brushes, resources for photos and much more.

Take the time to view each detailed information in Adobe Illustrator. How to behave with an open mind and understand the best information from it for every possible design. Such handbooks save money by adding new skills.


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